My mission is to provide professional competitive recording, 
mixing, editing, and musical support services.

Since spring 2003, my recording studio in Columbia, Missouri has been a popular choice for rock and blues bands, jazz ensembles and stage bands, folk and old-time bands, solo-duo-trio unplugged ensembles, latino bands, singers, songwriters, hip-hop artists, choirs, small orchestras, video soundtracks, radio ads, and audio books.

I strive to offer a comfortable, effective, BS-free production environment. I have been a working professional musician, composer and arranger for 25 years. My experiences gigging and recording as a pro have given me an appreciation for musicians and the serious commitment they have for their art.

My reputation is as good as my last project, so I take them all seriously. 
Let the ear be the final judge.


Pete Szkolka
Music Production
6150 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.
Columbia MO 65202
(573) 474-3144



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